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What just underwent a transformation, inside and out?

The Bite
The Pure & Natural line of cleansers. While it’s always been better for sensitive skin than a lotta other soaps, the new eco-formula and -packaging has metamorphosed the brand into a…how do we say…purer and natural-er way to freshen up your hands and body.

Company Background
Pure & Natural stepped up its game this year with the makeover of its entire line of soaps and body washes – including ditching animal tallow for plant-based oils (we’d personally rather lather with cherry blossoms than bovines). The company itself is also greening HQ - for example, it provides reusable mugs to all employees and incentivizes biking to work. Not at all an un-sud-isfactory start.

Why Care?

  • A biodegradable, veggie-based formula that steers clear of typical petroleum-based oils (saving more than 19,000 barrels of oil per year) and preservatives (such as cancer-linked parabens).
  • Eco-friendlier packaging. Pure & Natural bar soaps come in 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper that’s embedded with seeds (so you can actually plant it and flowers will grow), and the line’s bottles are 100% recyclable.
  • Pure & Natural contributes at least $100,000 to the World Wildlife Fund each year.
  • It works with eco-org Earth Pledge to build awareness around programs such as Seed Blitz, which teaches urban kids the value of growing their own food.
  • Three posh scents: almond oil and cherry blossom, grapefruit and pomegranate, and rosemary and mint.
  • Easy access, since it’s available at tons of big retailers, such as Kroger and Wal-Mart, and costs about $4-$6 each, so you won’t go broke getting clean.

Keeping It Real
The plastic containers for Pure & Natural’s hand soap and body wash are made from 25% recycled plastic. As marketing manager Sami Myohanan says, “We know we’re not perfect, but we’re trying to progressively do more over time.” Also, the seeds in the bar soap packaging are baby’s breath. Some species of baby’s breath are considered noxious in some areas, so check first before planting.

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