CBS Evening News Living Cancer-Free February 26, 2009

After Rex’s great news about his labwork this week, we were stunned, and thrilled, with yesterday’s mainstream media coverage of the largest international cancer report to date.

“Fat Causes Cancer” In the landmark report that was released this week, research is mounting that fat causes cancer. Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard School of Public Health states, “Simply being overweight and obese is a very important cause of the high cancer rates we have.”
67% of Americans are now estimated to be overweight, that cancer is more preventable in the US than anywhere in the world, and almost 350,000 cases of cancer in America can be avoided annually with weight control, exercise and diet (fresh and whole foods).

HOWEVER, Dr. Larry Norton of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center clarifed WHY fat causes cancer. ” We are causing many of our cancers. Having fat in our bodies, fat produces estrogen and other hormones but also stimulates inflammation and that imflammation may be the link between obesity and cancer.”

Rex’s natural treatment of his cancer revolved around this basic scientific fact. Cancer cells grow in a low oxygen, or acidic, environment (pH out of balance). Acidic pH levels cause inflammation (which is the basis of illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer). Being overwight causes acidic pH levels. This mainstream international report is now finally stating what others already know. This is the tip of the iceburg. Being overwieght is obviously not the only reason someone would develop cancer (chemicals in our daily lives such as cleaning and personal care products also have this estrogen/inflammatory effect on the body), but it clearly shows that it’s about the body being out of balance, and WE HAVE CONTROL by focusing on your body being IN balance as it was designed to be, to not just be disease free, but to flourish.

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