Think you’re preventing Breast Cancer? See “The Ugly Side to the Beauty Industry”

Lisa Says: Rex and I had the unique thrill of stumbling upon award winning Stacy Malkan’s live presentation of her groundbreaking expose’ about toxic chemicals in personal care products “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry” (New Society Publishers 2007) last fall at the GreenFestival in DC. Rex was at first awkward being one of few men there, but quickly became enthralled, and outraged, and the petrochemicals in skin and beauty products clearly contributing to illness such as breast cancer, closely related to his own prostate cancer (for some reason, he was most angry about lead in lipstick and forbade me to use lead-laced-lipstick again which I thought was charming). Stacy’s campaign for truly natural products is revolutionizing the cosmetic industry. There’s a wealth of information at “The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics“, and you can also learn more about Stacy’s award winning book Not Just A Pretty Face.

To review your cosmetic and skin care products (I think you’ll be amazed), go to the Environmental Working Group’s SKIN DEEP cosmetic safety FREE database and search under your product’s name.

Due to the fact that these petrochemicals in everyday items such as soap, shampoo, and deoderant, cause the (bad) estrogenic effect on the body linked to breast and prostate cancer just to start, we started switching over after Rex was diagnosed. Even mainstream american medicine is now acknowledging this link for envrionmental or xenoestrogens (see other blog post). We didn’t throw everything out at once, but as items were used up, the new products we bought after a review of the EWG site.


 So when Rex went for his bike ride at 6:30am this morning, I went on my web ‘ride’ for quality, truly pure cosmetics and skin care products at the EWG site. Rather than searching a particular brand, I simply searched ‘mascara’ or ‘ eye shadow’ and began reviewing website related to all of their products rated 0-2. I’m sure there’s more out there, but here were 4 that I was impressed with, in order ‘WOW!” to ‘they sound good”. I felt all the pricing reasonable and about the same across each company. I’m going to order some of the products and will let keep you posted. If ANYONE has any related info, please let us know !

Coastal Classic Creations from California (gotta love their passion). This website is SERIOUS about cosmetic safety and related environmental issues.

Think Before You Pink

Zosimos Botanicals  Maryland

Daisy Blue Naturals  Minnesota

Rejuva Minerals  Florida

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