It's Official ! Rex is Cancer Free !!

Lisa Says: Everything was pointing to the lifestyle changes we made and supplements Rex used making the difference in Rex’s health. His regular labs looked great and he’s the picture of health. But there was that nagging little doubt “could my path to health have been this easy?”. I had done additional research on Dr. Ornish’s work in reversing prostate cancer ( ) and noted that in addition to repeat biopsies, he had used MR spectroscopys to measure tumor shrinkage. So we scheduled an appt. with the surgeon we originally consulted with two years ago. After a discussion of why an MRI would not really be appropriate in Rex’s case (apparently they tend to measure if cancer has spread, not if it’s gone), the surgeon suggested a new test, the PCA3. A simple urine test but very unique in that it screens for a molecule specific to prostate cancer. ‘Normal’ is considered under 50 and 25-30 being optimal. Rex decided to do it and his total was 16. We are just ecstatic !
I know Rex says, “Could it have really been that easy?” and I told him it was SIMPLE but not necessarily EASY. He working on giving himself credit for recreating himself and the discipline it took.

To piggyback the recent international research we’ve posted regarding 49 of 50 men being treated unnecessarily for prostate cancer (that mainstream treatment only saves a predicted 1 in 50 lives), this test is groundbreaking in that it can give the information on which types of cancers are aggressive and those which do not have that potential to spread thereby allowing the patient to make a more informed decision about an appropriate path of active surveillance versus surgery or radiation.

As we were sitting there in the surgeon’s office waiting for him to come in, I realized that it easily could have been Rex’s 2 year post op check after that major, life changing surgery we had pretty much decided on previously, to check to see if the cancer had come back. Yet instead, we were led on a different path, and two years later he’s healthy, and whole, and feels led to share his story, and get the information out about how lifestyle and nutrition can play such a significant role in health. AMEN!

New Urine Test Detects Prostate Cancer Better Than Other Methods

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