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09/07 - after natural approach, 50# lighter, cancer free

02/07 - just diagnosed - on vacation deciding on treatment

[caption id="attachment_496" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="09/07 - after natural approach - 55# lighter, healthy and cancer free"]09/07 - after natural approach - 55# lighter, healthy and cancer free[/caption]
09/07 – after natural approach – 55# lighter, healthy and cancer free

VB local since 1968 courtesy of the USN, Rex attended Cox HS and met his future wife Lisa the first day. Married since 1982 with 3 fine sons by 1987, Rex’s career has focused in the home improvement/building supply industry.

While getting a routine physical at 44 in 2007, Rex requested a PSA check per Lisa although he had no symptoms or issues. While this is not the standard for his age/race, Rex said “’Mama’ said get it and what ‘Mama’ says goes’”. His PSA was noted to be above average for his age so he was referred to a urologist. After a round of antibiotics for possible prostatitis, it was still above where the average was so he agreed to a prostate biopsy. The month after that was an adventure. Rex said when he went to urinate, he never knew if he was going to get “chardonnay, rose’ or merlot”. Frankly, after almost 2 weeks the bleeding continued, so he went back to make sure all was ok, and instead got the results. Prostate cancer at 44. Luckily, it appeared early and contained.
After consulting with the radiation oncologist and then the surgeon, Rex was leaning towards surgery (a June date was planned) but something the surgeon said struck a cord, “I take selenium every day and I’m not worried about getting prostate cancer.”
Rex still has the info on taking selenium the surgeon wrote on a prescription pad. He was stunned when the surgeon explained despite how advanced robotic prostatectomies are, he would still have to take ‘the little blue pill’ the rest of his life no matter how well he responded to the surgery. Rex left with his selenium info in hand and began praying and felt the Holy Spirit say to him , ‘there is a another way’. Another way to heal, in essence.
God began to clearly steer Rex on a path of natural healing. Rex and Lisa began researching info they had heard that ‘cancer cells can’t live in an oxygen rich environment’ and unexpectedly, a church friend who was an RN and a breast cancer survivor came to Rex with information about balancing the body’s pH levels. Rex’s brother then paid for a detox program he didn’t feel he could afford and began balancing his body’s chemistry ( i.e. alkalizing his pH levels making his body oxygen rich, not oxygen deprived). When Rex announced to his home church that he had been diagnosed with cancer, the group laid hands on both Rex and Lisa and covered them in prayer. They had been researching international treatment methods with better survival rates and a higher quality of life, and after Rex’s announcement in church, another church friend who was an herbalist who had studied under Dr. Kimberly Balas, an American Naturopathic Doctor, who had a written a similar protocol to the international approaches, came to Rex and offered to work with him. She also had felt a calling to work with those diagnosed with cancer but had not done so at that point. She felt this was her confirmation.
He began hydrating being blessed again by a high school friend who paid for bottled water delivery, and began eating only fresh and whole foods based on Dr. Colbert’s book What Would Jesus Eat, exercising, and working with Dana, the herbalist, using Dr. Balas’s protocol in April 2007 and the results have been amazing. His PSA dropped from it’s original 3.9 to 2.0 in just 2 months. His lab values normalized so rapidly the doctor’s were amazed. He dropped from 246# to a healthy 195# and now maintains 190#. He began hot yoga to work on meditation and dealing with suppressed negative emotions as clinical data shows a clear correlation with yoga/prayer and the body’s healing process.
In July 2009, he met again with the surgeon and took the new PCA3 test (a unique biomarker test which more accurately detects prostate cancer than any other screening method currently in use), and was determined to be cancer free and in great health.

Rex calls cancer his blessing. He says it took cancer to heal him, to make him well.
Now his passion is to educate the public on making the transition from the typical American lifestyle promoting disease to one supporting the body as it was designed by God to function and flourish.

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