13 Pet Foods – Ranked From Great to Disastrous…

Rex Says:  In my journey from cancer to robust health, nutrition – and what a naturally occuring diet for humans is – was key.  This is now evident more than ever not just for us our own health but in our nation’s pets.  Here’s a clip from Dr. Becker who works with Dr. Mercola on nourishing (not harming) our furry best friends. 

13 Pet Foods – Ranked From Great to Disastrous… In this video,  Dr. Karen Becker discusses her best-to-worst recommendations for diets for dogs and cats and explains how to improve the quality of the food you feed your own pet.

Dr. Becker’s Comments: 

A subject readers here at HealthyPets and clients at my animal clinic are very interested in is the kind of food they should be feeding their dog or cat for good health.

So by popular demand, today’s video is a discussion of my recommendations for the best-to-worst diets you can feed your pet.

There are 13 categories on my list, and what you’re feeding will fall into one of them.


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