Energy Robbers (Chronic Fatigue? Cancer? Heart Disease?)

Rex Says:  I caught a bit of the interview of Dr. A. W. Martin on the nationally syndicated DailyBuzz this morning and he was discussing many of the issues we’ve posted about like how most chronic diseases are caused by an imbalance in body chemistry, or pH (like a swimming pool).  Here’s the info from the show:

Energy Robbers with Sleep Doctor Anthony Martin:
Are you worried about your lack of energy? One of the most frequently asked questions of Dr. Martin is “I am tired all of the time and my doctor says everything is okay? Is everything okay?”
Dr. Martin, Canada’s #1 nutritional specialist states in his new book “Energy Robbers and the Fatigue Cure” that “Everything is not OK!” “My research has demonstrated that fatigue is the body’s early warning burglar alarm system screaming that you are heading towards disaster.”

“It takes 5 years at least for a cancer tumor to grow to the size of a tip of a ball point pen. Cardiovascular disease takes at least 10 years for dangerous plaque to form in the arteries.”

Until Dr. Martin’s latest discovery, America’s two biggest killers, cancer and cardiovascular disease were silent disorders that crept up on you with no symptoms and no warning. UNTIL NOW! This definitively could be the most important preventative discovery in medicine in the last 50 years. Dr. Martin has demonstrated that fatigue leads to several changes in the human body, including dangerous elevated levels of inflammation, an acidic pH and an increase in free radicals causing extensive cellular damage. Reading this book could save your life!
Dr. Martin is a leading researcher on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Environmental Toxins. He has been interviewed on many major T.V and radio shows including Canada AM. and NPR (National Public Radio). He is a regular guest on CNBC’s “Let’s Shop with Cheryll Gillespie” and he hosts his own weekly radio show “The Doctor Is In” heard in Ontario, Canada.

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