Our Story

Rex’s Story

Rex Hamaker had always been ‘healthy’ but while getting a routine physical at 44 in2006, his PSA was noted to be above average for his age, so after a round of antibiotics and a prostate biopsy, he got the word.  Prostate cancer at 44.  After consulting with an oncologist and a surgeon, Rex was leaning towards surgery but began researching other clinical data he’d heard regarding ‘cancer cells can’t live in an oxygen rich environment’ and after studying different protocols, decided on addressing his cancer naturally.

He began by balancing his pH or ‘alkalizing’, drinking enough water, eating only fresh and whole foods, exercising, and doing hot yoga to de-stress and detox and the results have been amazing.  His PSA dropped from its original 3.9 to 2.0 in just 2 months.  His lab values normalized so rapidly the doctors were amazed. He dropped from 246# to 195# which he continues to maintain.  He now juices daily, bikes, does yoga, gardens, cooks his own gourmet healthy meals, and ran his first half marathon.

Clinical research from such physicians as Dr. Dean Ornish has shown success in reversing prostrate cancer with lifestyle changes.

Rex unwittingly followed a similar protocol and continues to address his cancer naturally.

Rex calls cancer his blessing as it was the catalyst to get him well.  Now his passion is to educate others on making the transition from illness to wellness. He and his wife, Lisa,  have formed a non-profit, HungerForHealth, targeting children and at-risk groups in wellness education and practical classes on healthier lifestyles.

Lisa’s Story

Virginia Beach local since 1969, I attended Cox HS and met my future husband Rex the first day.  Married since 1982 with 3 fine sons by 1987, my career has focused in mainstream medical care with a BA in Human Services (Medical Social Work), and having been a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, a Nationally Registered EMT and 15 year Life member of the VB Volunteer Rescue Squad, a Certified Medication Technician, a Certified Nursing Assistant, ARC First Aid and Safety Instructor, and Certified Food Manager.

Having left health care administration proper in 2003 to work in Human Resources, in 2006 I had a detached retina with some permanent vision loss (to be honest, I was quite depressed so my husband installed my backyard raised gardens as part of my ‘healing’).  Six months later Rex [then 44 years old] was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  After mainstream consults, we decided to address it naturally and have had amazing results. With life style changes [food, exercise, hydration, and balance], we transformed our health.  Issues like weight gain, cholesterol, and blood sugar normalized.   The garden beds my husband built for me now grows nourishing foods for him. We started the blog in 2007 as an informational resource in response to questions about our health transformation journey, and we have seen others make similar lifestyle changes and begin to reclaim their health.  In 2008, I completed courses and became a Certified Natural Health Professional, and in 2012 I received a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell.

As the majority of illness in America is clearly lifestyle related, we felt led to start a non-profit dedicated to reaching the general public with practical information to drive positive lifestyle changes, targeting those most at-risk for chronic disease, i.e. a BMI (body mass index) of 25 or above. Rex and I were ‘there’ as ‘soda drinking, fast foodees’, but we’ve made the transformation to a healthier lifestyle through trial and error, understand the challenges, and are now passionate to assist those who want to make the same changes.  There’s a level of knowledge that’s difficult to have unless you’ve lived it, and we know if we can change, ANYONE can, and we can help others get there too.